Top 8 Karaoke Apps

Mar 20, 2018

1. SingPlay

Looking for a karaoke app that lets you sing along to your favorite songs? SingPlay is the perfect choice for you. This high-quality app offers a vast library of songs from various genres, ensuring there's something for everyone.

With SingPlay, you can easily transform your device into a karaoke machine. The app enables you to remove the vocals from any song, allowing you to showcase your singing talent without distractions. Additionally, SingPlay provides real-time pitch correction, ensuring your performance sounds professional.

2. Yokee

Yokee is a well-known karaoke app that guarantees hours of entertainment. It offers an extensive collection of songs, covering all your favorite artists and genres. Whether you're into pop, rock, or even country, Yokee has got you covered.

What sets Yokee apart is its social features. You can record your karaoke sessions and share them with friends and family, making it a great platform for connecting with fellow karaoke enthusiasts. With Yokee, you can even compete in singing contests and climb the global leaderboard.

3. Smule

Smule is a popular karaoke app that brings the joy of singing right to your fingertips. It offers a massive catalog of songs, including current hits and all-time classics. With Smule, you can duet with your favorite artists or team up with friends for unforgettable performances.

One of the standout features of Smule is its live singing mode, which allows you to perform in real-time with users from around the world. You can join virtual karaoke rooms and create unforgettable musical experiences. Smule also provides video filters and audio effects to enhance your performances.

4. Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs

If you're looking for an app that lets you sing karaoke without any limits, Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs is the perfect choice. This app offers a vast library of songs, allowing you to explore various genres and discover new favorites.

Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the tracks you love. Additionally, the app offers pitch correction and real-time voice effects, ensuring you sound your best during every performance. With Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs, the karaoke party never has to end.

5. StarMaker

StarMaker is a karaoke app that offers a unique interactive experience. It allows you to sing, record, and share your performances with a supportive community of music lovers. With StarMaker, you can join talent shows, gain followers, and even get discovered by record labels.

What sets StarMaker apart is its extensive selection of songs in multiple languages. Whether you want to sing in English, Spanish, or any other language, StarMaker has an impressive collection to choose from. The app also provides video editing tools, allowing you to create stunning music videos to accompany your performances.

6. Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing & Record is a feature-rich app that guarantees a memorable karaoke experience. It offers a vast library of songs, ensuring there's something for everyone's taste. From chart-topping hits to golden classics, Karaoke Sing & Record has it all.

With this app, you can record your performances and listen to them afterward to improve your singing skills. Karaoke Sing & Record also provides an adjustable pitch and tempo, allowing you to customize the songs to match your vocal range and preferred style. This app truly puts you in control of your karaoke experience.

7. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Red Karaoke Sing & Record is a top-rated karaoke app among music enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a karaoke newbie, this app offers an engaging platform to unleash your singing talent. It features an extensive song library, ranging from popular hits to lesser-known gems.

One of the unique features of Red Karaoke Sing & Record is its collaboration mode, which allows you to sing duets with other users regardless of their location. The app also offers karaoke competitions, where you can showcase your skills and earn recognition within the community.

8. Voloco

Voloco is more than just a karaoke app. It's a unique voice-processing tool that helps you create professional-sounding vocal performances. Whether you want to sound like a superstar or experiment with different vocal effects, Voloco has got you covered.

With Voloco, you can apply auto-tune and harmony effects to your voice, instantly transforming your singing into something extraordinary. The app also provides an extensive collection of backing tracks, allowing you to create full-fledged musical compositions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist, Voloco offers endless possibilities.


Choosing the right karaoke app can make a significant difference in your singing experience. Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply enjoy belting out tunes for fun, these top 8 karaoke apps will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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Gina Parsons
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Sing along to your fave songs with SingPlay! 🎤🎶
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I'm impressed with the quality of the app. The sound is fantastic.
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I've heard such great things about SingPlay. Excited to check it out and have a blast singing along!
Jul 12, 2021
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SingPlay is perfect for karaoke nights at home. It's like having a karaoke machine in your pocket!
May 23, 2021
Geoffrey Turoff
SingPlay is my favorite karaoke app! It has such a wide range of song selections.
Nov 6, 2020
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Thanks for the informative article. SingPlay definitely stands out as a top karaoke app. Looking forward to trying it!
May 19, 2020
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SingPlay is the ultimate solution for karaoke lovers with its huge song library and easy-to-use interface.
Apr 18, 2020
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This app makes karaoke so convenient. No need for separate machines or CDs!
Mar 31, 2020
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SingPlay seems like a fantastic way to have fun and sing along with friends. Can't wait to give it a go!
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This app has definitely made my karaoke nights more enjoyable. Great find!
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I love using SingPlay to practice my singing skills. It's so easy to use and convenient.
Oct 25, 2018
Debbie Topping
The variety of songs available is just mind-blowing. Endless entertainment!
Sep 8, 2018
Paul Anders
With SingPlay, you can bring the karaoke party anywhere you go. It's a must-have app for music enthusiasts!
Sep 3, 2018
Randy Miller
I love how diverse the song library is. It's great to have options from different genres.
Jul 23, 2018